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Yahoo - Case Study Example

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As the Internet grows larger in size many websites have come into being. Search Engines have been a major success on the Internet as being useful for anyone. A person running a business or a student studying in a college everyone finds search engines to be a perfect resource…
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Extract of sample "Yahoo"

As the Internet grows larger in size many websites have come into being. Search Engines have been a major success on the Internet as being useful foranyone. A person running a business or a student studying in a college everyone finds search engines to be a perfect resource. Some famous search engines include Google, MSN, Alta vista, Lycos, and Yahoo. All these famous search engines not only contain options for searching the net for relevant material but also help users by allowing them to have an email account on their servers. The special feature of MSN, Yahoo & Google is that they enable a user to have communication through their chat software while a person is online. In this case Msn's Live Messenger is probably the most famous chat application or software. Yahoo and Google also offer chatting software; their names are Yahoo messenger and Google talk. Yahoo also enables its registered users to maintain online email accounts with a capacity of 1 gigabyte. I am a user of the services that yahoo provides all over the world and their services are quite amazing. While using a yahoo messenger a person can have live voice and video conversation at the same time. The Yahoo! Inc. is originally a brand of American Public Corporation and Global Internet Service Company. The services that it offers are a web portal, directory, mailbox, a search engine, and postings. Yahoo was established by Jerry Yang and David Filo, graduates of Stanford University in the year 1994 January. Yahoo Inc. got incorporated on 2nd March 1995. The Head office of the company is situated at Sunnyvale, California. A survey by Web traffic companies Alexa Internet and Netcraft it was proved that Yahoo! is the site that has been visited most by users online. The amounts of visits were more than 412 million, without repetition. The website is one of the most visited one in the United States. The Yahoo! management team consists of 20 people their names are:
Jerry Yang (CEO and Chief Yahoo!)
David Filo (Co-founder and Chief Yahoo!)
Susan Decker (President)
Blake Jorgensen (Chief Financial Officer
Marco Boerries (Executive Vice President Connected Life Division)
Qi Lu (Executive Vice President of Engineering Search and Search Marketing)
Michael J. Callahan (General Counsel and Secretary)
Michael Murray (Chief Accounting Officer)
Gregory Coleman (Executive Vice President, Global Sales)
Jill Nash (Chief Communications Officer)
Cammie Dunaway (Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Customer Experience Division)
Ash Patel (Executive Vice President, Platforms and Infrastructure Division)
Dr. Usama Fayyad (Chief Data Officer and Executive Vice President, Research & Strategic Data Solutions)
Prabhakar Raghavan (Head of Yahoo! Research)
Brad Garlinghouse (Senior Vice President, Communications, Communities, and Front Doors)
Libby Sartain (Chief People Yahoo!)
Rachel Glaser (Senior Vice President, Operations Finance)
Hilary Schneider (Executive Vice President, Local Markets & Commerce Division and Yahoo! Publisher Network)
David Karnstedt (Head of US Sales)
Jeff Weiner (Executive Vice President, Network Division)

Karen Angel. Inside Yahoo! Reinvention and the Road Ahead. Wiley. (April 2002). Read More
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Yahoo Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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