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Transformation Leadership Style - Research Paper Example

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This paper evaluates the transformational leadership style, outlining the tools that leaders exhibiting this style have in their possession. The paper gives situations where transformational leadership could be effectively applied, using Steve Jobs, as an illustration of a transformational leader…
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Transformation Leadership Style
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Download file to see previous pages Leaders combine both of these aspects in varying proportions, thus bringing out varied styles of leadership. Moreover, a leader could exhibit different styles in different contexts so as to attain the intended objective. This paper evaluates the transformational leadership style, outlining the tools that leaders exhibiting this style have in their possession. The paper further gives situations where transformational leadership could be effectively applied, using the late Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc., as an illustration of a transformational leader.
Transformational leadership is a relatively recent addition to the theory of leadership. As defined by Northouse (2012), transformational leadership is a process of engaging with others and creating a connection that arouses morality and motivation in the leader and followers. Unlike transactional leadership where the focus is on exchanges between leaders and followers, transformational leadership seeks to align the goals of the followers to that of the leaders. As a result, such followers would focus on the wellbeing of the organization rather than their individual gains. In fact, Kassin, Fein, and Markus (2014) argue it out well noting that such leaders motivate their followers to transcend their individual needs for a common cause. It is a form of leadership that involves raw emotional inspiration and consciousness raising, articulating a clear vision and mobilizing others to join in the vision.
To effectively deliver this style of leadership, influencing followers and creating a commitment to organizational goals, there are critical tools required. The first tool is charisma, this referring to behaviors demonstrated by leaders so as to instill confidence in, admiration for and commitment to the leader. As noted by Kassin et al., charismatic persons have a “magnetic” individuality that makes them appealing to followers (2014, 553). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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