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Telecommunication Management In Modern Life - Case Study Example

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Computing access is everywhere: in the malls, on wrists, and in "scrap computers" (like scrap paper) for anybody’s consumption. The paper "Telecommunication Management In Modern Life" discusses how very technological advancement is integrated seamlessly into our daily lives…
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Telecommunication Management In Modern Life
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Download file to see previous pages According to, the usual frequency in GHz that Bluetooth devices use is 2.4 GHz. Likewise, Wifi also operates in the same frequency range. However, it is important to emphasize that although both of them use Radio Frequency waves, Wifi can be used to connect more devices such as computers as compared to Bluetooth.
RBOC means Regional Bell Operating Companies. These companies used to be known as RHC’s ( Regional Holding Companies). This change was brought about by an antitrust suit filed by the Department of Justice against the telecommunication giant AT & T.
As a result of the 1984 consent decree, 7 RBOC’s were created out of the initial 22 local Bell Operating Companies. This was the case of United States vs. Western Electric. These 7 RBOC’s were “forbidden from entering manufacturing, long-distance, and other related markets” (Sullivan and Hertz) as published in an article in Berkeley Law Technology Journal.
An Intranet is an internal information system that basically serves the same purpose as the Internet. The main difference is that only the people in an organization can access or post information within the Intranet. An intranet is closed to the world because it requires private identifications and passwords. Intranets usually function to share calendars, documents and to provide a secure forum for discussion and commentary within an organization.
On another hand, an Extranet is just an Intranet that screens outside people before being allowed to get in. An organization can decide who can provide and access information within its Extranet. An extranet is essentially an Intranet Extranet solution being able to “provide the secure internal functionality of an Intranet and the capability to securely share files and collaborate with external contributors.” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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