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People, Organisations and Management - Assignment Example

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This paper “People, Organisations and Management” explores organizational behavior with respect to these management areas in two different organizations. Through this course, the paper illustrates practices and functioning methods of two opposing management styles, bureaucratic and democratic types…
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People, Organisations and Management
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Extract of sample "People, Organisations and Management"

Download file to see previous pages Organizations and their management styles have evolved to a great extent in the service and manufacturing industry over the last century, and so have been the concepts of management and its functions. These evolutions can be traced to significant developments brought about by the industrial revolution, scientific management principles such as Taylorism and Fordism, transition of feudalistic to capitalistic approach and others in different sectors of manufacturing industries. However, the beginning of the industrial revolution was characterized by a rigid hierarchical bureaucratic way of organizing business enterprises, a style prevalent even today but only in military service organizations. Nevertheless, the manufacturing and business service organizations have now adopted a more humanized and participative method of enterprising due to various external and internal factors.
Bureaucratic management system revolutionized businesses by minimizing issues related to inequalities, biases, and malice by providing authority to individuals in the hierarchy. These organizations were usually owned and managed by their founders and passed on to their descendants; the power of employment and business remained within the family. Such an organization is Safe Mint UK Ltd, founded by Samuel Mint in 1902, and presently under the control of his grandson Samson Mint, the Chief Executive Officer. Although this organization has other board of directors, the end decision was always as agreed or decided by the CEO. Safe Mint UK Ltd is a producer of steel shipping containers, with about 407 employees of which 300 are a part of the core manufacturing operations. These members of operations are organized into large teams of 60 workers each and all monitored by 3 supervisors. This company did good business ever since its inception and recently ventured into online business prospects.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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People, Organisations and Management Assignment.
(People, Organisations and Management Assignment)
People, Organisations and Management Assignment.
“People, Organisations and Management Assignment”.
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