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People and Organisational Management - Essay Example

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In the paper “People and Organisational Management” the author discusses a Personal Development Plan (PDP), which aims at improving the general skills, knowledge and achievements that a student gains from his or her stint at the University. …
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People and Organisational Management
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Extract of sample "People and Organisational Management"

Download file to see previous pages It is important to be able to have a clear idea of yourself in developing your own PDF. It is no surprise then that knowing oneself is the primary requirement when preparing a PDF. This can be done by getting data that pertains to oneself. Being able to do this may take a lifetime since a person’s growth naturally adds up to a person’s trove of experiences. This is very important since a self-motivated individual must seek a challenging environment. Likewise, improvement and personal innovation has really become key traits nowadays for an individual to be able to cope with the fast changing environment at work. Likewise, it is also key to exude a certain degree of professionalism at all times. In crafting a resume’, it is important to remember that the one making his or her resume knows the product more than the anybody because he or she is selling himself/herself (the MIT Career Development Centre). Self AssessmentIt is important to be able to have a clear idea of yourself in developing your own PDF. It is no wonder that this is the initial step towards a successful plan for self-development. Hence, after a quick review, I have come to realize certain key points about myself such as my strong work ethic and my being dependable and resposible. I believe that this is further strengthened by my postive attitude as well as the character that i am particularly proud of. The cut throat competition can really drain a person physically and mentally....
This will then lead to professional development not to mention the numerous contacts from networks. Moving forward and achieving the milestones that I will set in my PDP can help me maximize the opportunities that further studies and maybe even trainings can provide me. In addition, my further studieas and trainings can be reagrded as a reward in itself In any case, the opportunity for further learneing can boost my PDP as I regard my performance as reward (McClelland, 1961). 10 Threats 10 Despite the positive impact of such an opportunity, it is undeniable that these do not come cheap. Hence, the cost can greatly undermine my efforts making failure bith painful and costly. However, this is where my docility will be tested as I set out in my PDP. It is therefore important to include in the plan certain reminders of how significant the task that I will be undertaking really is. In that way, I can stay motivated to be able to prod on when the going gets tough (Grant 2008b). 10 Conclusion 10 My main target for now is to earn my master’s degree which will open up a host of possibilities. Despite the threat of costs, it is imperative that I am able to push forward with this plan even if the monetary rewards do not come right away. To hurdle this I turn to Esenberger’s theory (1992) of learned industriousness wherein putting in certain incentives throughout my PDP can motivate me further to truly imporve myself. Most important of these will be the fact that the opportunity for further learneing can boost my PDP and that my performance in that endeavor is a reward in itself (McClelland 1961). It is then easy to have certain markers and milestones as every semester that I hurdle is a milestone in itself. Also, since plans are not static, it is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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