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Communication as the Lifeblood of an Organisation - Essay Example

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This paper “Communication as the Lifeblood of an Organisation” highlights the importance of communication in organizations by presenting the various studies conducted by renown and reputable researchers. Communication is considered the catalyst that spurs growth and productivity…
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Communication as the Lifeblood of an Organisation
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Download file to see previous pages The presence of communication in an organizational set-up is a complex one although there is an unequivocal acknowledgment of its ultimate importance to an organization’s progress. It is the force that consolidates all the different aspects of organizational components together and its extent of effectiveness the barometer that measures the organization’s ultimate success. Unless communication is a planned one, like advertising or the corporate website, it is often invisible and intangible which makes individuals in organizations more often unaware of it (Barker & Angelopulo 2005). This complicates matter because as earlier stated, communication impacts greatly on an organization’s future. Thus, high-performing organizations, according to author David Clutterbuck, are most likely engage in  extensive and effective communication programmes than low-performance ones like formal communication strategies and a way of assessing the success of those strategies, have more strategic communication managers, pointedly explain changes to employees and staff more than adequately, places a great importance on educating and communicating with employees, and offer effective and constantly increasing  communications channels (Turner 2003). A growing trend in management studies is the view that the success of an organization is underpinned by collaborative efforts or coalition building which makes it thus important for all members of an organization to completely comprehend organizational ideologies and goals. In this respect, communication becomes an indispensable tool in propagating and disseminating these goals and ideas. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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