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The project initiation document focused on a work-based enterprise - Essay Example

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Project Initiation Document: CRM for XYZ Institution Instructor Date Name Project Summary This project is aimed at improving the customer service element at Bryson Motors Co. Ltd. The project consists of ten activities which are scheduled to be completed in 21 days…
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The project initiation document focused on a work-based enterprise
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Download file to see previous pages The tools that will be used to control the project include a Gantt chart and a network diagram. It is recommended that project leadership be at a high level to facilitate the successful completion of the project. Introduction Projects are a part of the ongoing activities in an organisation. Projects will facilitate the growth of Bryson Motors Co Ltd. Schwalbe (2009) indicates that a project is a temporary endeavour which aims to create a new product, service or result. This project is temporary and aims to create a new result at the company. The company already has a customer service department but this project aims to improve it so that customers’ needs can be better satisfied in an efficient and effective manner. The current situation is that there is a lack of regular updates in relation to shipping and document processing. The company does not have the staff and other resources to fully satisfy some of the needs of customers. Projects typically go through a cycle and this project is no different. The standard cycle of a project consists of four phases. They are initiation, planning, execution and closure. The main emphasis in this paper is on the initiation phase. In some cases changes will be required to the original plan and so this will therefore require adaptation. Initiation represents the first phase and during this time the scope and objectives of the project are determined and outlined. The planning stage sets out the human resource plan, the financing plan, the communication plan, and the risk management plan. In some cases there may be a need for a process of adaptation. This will be determined from the monitoring activities of the project manager. If changes are necessary then the plan will be adjusted in order to facilitate the implementation of these changes. The results of the project – in this case the implementation of a computerised system to facilitate the transportation management system. If every thing is satisfactory and objectives are achieved then closure of the project is in order. Aims and goals It has been identified that Bryson Motors Co. Ltd is having problems in the provision of quality customer service. The aim of this project is to improve customer service at the company through the implementation of transportation management system software. This will facilitate growth and development of the organisation as customers will be attracted to the quality of the company’s customer service. However, before this can be done a computerised system needs to be put in place to capture all the activities that takes place between the company and its customers as well as the company and its suppliers. The formation of goals and objectives includes a definition of the scope which indicates the actual work that needs to be done; the unique product, service or result that will be delivered as well as the result that is expected (Schwalbe 2009). Customers will be able to access information on their shipment (order) from the web instead of having to call Bryson Motors directly. This will free up sales staff to the extent that they will then be able to spend more time getting more customers and therefore earning more income for the company and for themselves. Scope of project This project will involve the work of an external contractor setting up a computerised system that will be able to incorporate transportation management system software. This will enable the tracking of shipment and documentation of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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