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Equity Issues in the City Police Department - Case Study Example

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"Equity issues in the City Police Department" paper presents a review of the Policies and practices of the city Police Department of an undisclosed city in Southern California, with respect to various issues in equity. This department is serving a population of about 1.2 million spread…
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Equity Issues in the City Police Department
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Download file to see previous pages The front-line activities are carried out by the Department of Operations, and its functions are distributed under the following sections of the Department:

1. Patrolling and Support: The city area has been divided into several zones like central, north, south, east, southeast, northeast, northwest, etc. to efficiently extend these services to every part of the city.

This department, in its mission statement, has declared that it is committed to improving the quality of the life of citizens, by having problem-solving partnerships with various communities, government agencies, and members of the community, so as to achieve a high degree of fairness, integrity, respect, transparency and equitable distribution of its services, in the discharge of its duties. The principles of equitable and ethical conduct are laid down in the working procedures of the department, and generally follow the guidelines recommended by the Standing Panel of the National Academy of Public Administration on Social Equity, as well as the Code of Ethics developed by the American Society of Public Administration. The main emphasis is to provide high-quality Police services equally, to all the members of the public, irrespective of their gender, color, race, economic standing, social standing and area of residence within the city.

Here there are two aspects: Internal Equity and Social Equity. Internal equity is concerned with the relationship between officers and subordinates. It is expected that there is no discrimination on account of gender, race, and color, with reference to hiring, promotion to the higher designation, day-to-day operations, and adverse disciplinary actions. Impartial consideration of the grievances of subordinate staff is also an important requirement of this category.

Coming to Social Equity, it is required that the due process of law enforcement is applied to all individuals of the public regardless of their social status, race, religion, and color.   ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Equity Issues in the City Police Department Case Study.
(Equity Issues in the City Police Department Case Study)
Equity Issues in the City Police Department Case Study.
“Equity Issues in the City Police Department Case Study”.
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