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Impact of Search Engines on Page Popularity - Case Study Example

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This paper focuses on the Search Engine page ranking system. Various Page Ranking (PR) computing methods are evaluated to determine the source of bias in SE page ranking. Some of the reasons for SE bias are paid placements, provider’s choice of SE for a free listing…
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Impact of Search Engines on Page Popularity
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Extract of sample "Impact of Search Engines on Page Popularity"

Download file to see previous pages While embedding links to popular sites provides a free listing in the SE database, unnecessary keyword stuffing is not ethical. The positive impact of page ranking system on web users & providers is the endurance to provide better service and quality to strive through the competition. This paper concludes that SE must be sensitive to user disutility with its page ranking policies. SE must define a bias threshold to maintain its credibility and improve the quality of service to control user disutility.

I. IntroductionThe bias created by the SE ranking system has commercial, cultural and political impacts on the growth of businesses and social development. The objective of this paper is to research SE ranking, the sources of bias in SE ranking methods and the impact of these biases on various areas of users’ life socially, culturally, politically and commercially. The first section of the paper deals with SE Ranking which covers the search engine ranking in general, SE biases and sources of business. This section is followed by the impact of SE Ranking biasness on various areas like political, social, cultural and commercial followed by a conclusion. 

II. SE Ranking Search engine ranking works on the keywords responses entered by the internet surfers. The search engine like Google, Yahoo, and others list the pages matching with these keywords and result in the list of a webpage usually 10 pages on each search on their website. The search engine ranking is based on many factors like the popularity of the website, payments to the search engine company by the listed company and others. 

This generates the ranking biasness as the new websites or the best information for the surfers’ response is not listed in the first pages of search results. This means the companies are using a search engine as a tool to control the information need of the internet user and promoting their own ideas, products or service information rather than providing them a fair opportunity to get informed about the best options they have. 
i. SE ranking biasThe size of the index-able web estimated at the end of January 2005 is at least 11.5 billion pages. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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