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Impact of Global Management Information Systems on Strategy - Essay Example

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This essay "Impact of Global Management Information Systems on Strategy" dwells on the information management systems of worldwide enterprises. It is stated that the primary focus of the current paper is the strategic perspective of such systems and their management. …
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Impact of Global Management Information Systems on Strategy
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Extract of sample "Impact of Global Management Information Systems on Strategy"

Download file to see previous pages Simultaneously, it also projects information technology as a critical change driver in the internationalization process. With regards to international information strategy, the paper also presents the differences among business infostructure, IT infrastructure and the IS/IT suprastructure, presenting criteria initially presented by Peppard (1999). The important associations among the four dimensions of the conceptual framework are brought forth, and recommendations for future action are forwarded.
As we go forth and leave the 20th century, numerous economists contend that we are about to play in an authentic ‘global economy’. Concurrently, some are posing queries on whether such a goal or vision may be attained, attributing these difficulties to factors such as regionalism, the hurdles of negotiations under the GATT treaty, and the pervasive rally for protectionism. Nonetheless, albeit these issues, the requisites for a global economy are presenting themselves conspicuously. There are three associated events that support such an assertion of our journey towards an authentic global economy.
According to Negroponte (1995) and Tapscott (1996), one such event is the drastic broadening of the scope and scale of technology. This has allowed the most encompassing global markets to ‘shrink’ into relatively small, manageable economic families. Next, the burgeoning growth and development of global economic exchange as asserted by Lorange et al (1992). Lastly, the budding global village is made more integrative through information systems and technology, expediting the interaction among markets instead of continuing with conventional organization bureaucracies (Bradley, 1994). It is purported that value is brought forth more in networks (Coyne & Dye, 1998) as compared to these conventional bureaucratic entities. The outcome is an electronically network global economy, which allows national markets cease to exist as independent entities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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