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Impacts of MIS on Aramex - Assignment Example

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This paper will also investigate the impact in different interviews with Mr. Hussein Hachem and Mr. Iyad Kamal, CEO and COO at Aramex respectively. Since the initial existence of businesses, managers have sought to get, organize, as well as analyze their information. …
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Impacts of MIS on Aramex
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Extract of sample "Impacts of MIS on Aramex"

Download file to see previous pages As the discussion stresses the managers will have to train and educate the employees on the various impacts MIS has on the entire organization’s operations, especially if they are to achieve competitive advantage. For Aramex, the way they implement their MIS will determine whether IT will drive their business or whether it will become a function to be absorbed by business lines as their managers become more versed with the systems. For this reason, this paper will seek to determine the impact of MIS on Aramex’s decision-making, organizational structure, data security, as well as the impact that future trends are likely to have on Aramex’s strategy. 
This paper highlights that Aramex has an abundance of data at their disposal that they can draw on when making decisions. Aramex can use many tools in the analysis of data to improve on their decision-making. According to Mr. Iyad Kamal, Aramex COO, they use the Performance Planning Value Chain to enhance their decision making. Through this, they are able to bring a vast collection of analytical tools to focus efforts and extract data value in adding value to the organization. MIS aids in the process of value extraction from data, such as the development of a hypothesis, data gathering, data analysis, data interpretation, communication of insights, and making decisions that are informed to take action. At Aramex, their MIS framework compares to the Plan Do Check Act cycle, which is an almost modern quality control. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Impacts of MIS on Aramex

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