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Conflict Management - Case Study Example

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Prominent with such occurrences is a work place setup. Given the heterogeneity of work place departments and character of individuals, office settings occasionally experience…
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Conflict Management
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Extract of sample "Conflict Management"

Download file to see previous pages The said colleague therefore started showing signs of resentment towards our supervisor, and continually expressed his dissatisfaction by blurting at me regarding the same whenever his output fell short of expectation.
However, the management soon realized that the conflict was not only affecting the daily output from our department, but that it was slowly becoming malignant as the said worker started imputing improper motives into the minds of other workers. It therefore became imperative for the management through the supervisor and the overall coordinator to institute a resolution process in order to restore normalcy. To that effect, this paper presents an analysis of the resolution process adopted, its efficacy under the given circumstance, and the probable alternative approach that in my personal view could provide equally good or even better results.
Practical conflict resolution strategies are those that amicably settle the fracas by addressing the core issues underlying the situation. Hynes (2011) notes that such a method should entail an in-depth understanding of the usually implicit, theoretical presupposition framework that is characteristic of conflicts. To this end, the resolution of the management to first explore the underlying issues behind the conflict, followed by convening an inclusive meeting to discuss the way forward proved effectual. The management set the stage towards resolution by acknowledging that the emergence of a conflict implies the existence of interdependence, hence the need to restore normalcy for the benefit of the organization. More specifically, this is also important for the success of the individuals involved, psychologically and career wise, a fact that Deutsch, Coleman and Marcus (2011) espouse as being critical to conflict resolution.
During the meeting, the panel understood the necessity for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Conflict Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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