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What Knowledge Important for Life Is Given at School - Personal Statement Example

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The author of the paper “What Knowledge Important for Life Is Given at School?” states that schooling has imparted him with knowledge concerning conflict resolution and crisis management, adaptive strategies for settling conflicts at the level of family, collective, and wider social communities.
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What Knowledge Important for Life Is Given at School
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Download file to see previous pages A healthy relationship bears good social, political and economic fruits. Healthy relationships within the communities living together is a crucial factor in bringing developments closer to the people. In addition, the nature of relationships that different communities share together is critical in ensuring growth and development of several sectors within those communities. As such, when different communities maintain good relationships, it is likely possible that the peace created within may act as a factor with tripling effects towards the leadership, businesses and other activities that act as the sources of livelihoods to those communities. It is of crucial significance to note that my learning has influenced the nature of relationships between my community and the neighboring communities. I have successfully utilized the information learned in class in practical ways within the community involving creation of awareness, teaching and advising the community members on such matters regarding the importance of staying in peace and harmony within and between the communities.
The communities have adopted the teachings in a superb manner, thereby making the issue of peace, security, and trust to reign amongst the different communities. This has also had some side benefits amongst the communities alongside the peace enjoyed. The peaceful relationships have led to increased business opportunities amongst the people within the communities as well as amongst the communities themselves. This has been so crucial in enhancing the rates of earning, thereby gaining money to pay fees for the little ones in school. The peaceful relationship that has been created has also ensured the continued developmental progress in the communities. It has improved as well as factor in the spirit of sharing of the resources in the most appropriate manner.
It is of crucial significance to note that several community conflicts always emanate from the sharing of natural resources. Some of these conflicts are always so much pronounced in such a manner that if not properly managed, can lead to long-term enmity between the communities living together (Lohmann and Van, 2011, 72). As such, issues of development may be interrupted, peace eroded as well as trust lost. This may always lead to increased cases of conflicts that have compounding effects even on the nature of food programmes in the communities (Furlong, 2005, 34). However, it is of critical importance to note the education that I gained from school has massively contributed towards ensuring that my community maintains peace with the neighboring communities. This has also ensured that developments involving infrastructure, social amenities and health institutions be established in central places that are easily accessible to my community and the other communities. This has contributed towards maintaining the peace as well as advancing the spirit of sharing, thereby minimizing cases of social vices including conflicts. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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