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Ocational Training in Qatar - Thesis Example

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From this paper, it is clear that the current training does not sufficiently train technicians and operators. It is thus not cost effective. The resultant effect is that there is a lag in comparison to the competitors in the regional and international markets…
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Ocational Training in Qatar
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Download file to see previous pages The different levels of management expressed grave concern that the trainees were not well trained both technically and linguistically. Moreover, the programs are not line-specific and have no distinct patterns. The duration of the program is approximately 2.9 to 4 years which is too long and fails to lead to a recognized college level.
The majority of the trainees indicated that they did not benefit much from the training programs. The training programs are not audited by an independent accrediting organization. Furthermore, too many parties of the parties that were involved in training the students had no training background. Lastly, the Qatari secondary school graduates are in high demand. It is thus recommended that non-Qatari’s whose mothers are Qaani’s and non-Qatari’s born in Qatar are included.
The researcher observed that there were genuine efforts to equip the National Operators and Technicians with the best skills to best perform. The programs offered were, however, not based on market needs or international standards with unaccredited and uncertified TPP programs.
The study was conducted in one of the LNG companies located in Qatar. The operations management believed that the quality of the Operators and Technicians needed to be enhanced to match that of its counterparts (reputable companies in the same business). The technicians belief are confirmed by the findings the review of the current status of the training when compared to best-practice benchmarks discussed in this thesis.The study was conducted in one of the LNG companies located in Qatar. The operations management believed that the quality of the Operators and Technicians needed to be enhanced to match that of its counterparts (reputable companies in the same business). The technician's belief is confirmed by the findings the review of the current status of the training when compared to best-practice benchmarks discussed in this thesis.The objective of this study, as a recap, is to compare QP training with major Oil and Gas companies in the GCC and to identify the gaps, with the emphasis being placed on O/G Operators and Technicians training. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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