Ethics in Management Consulting - Case Study Example

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In the paper “Ethics in Management Consulting,” the author analyzes dilemmas that exist in the process of consulting. One of such dilemma is that of consulting with the right client. It is essentials to know the client well through a background check…
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Ethics in Management Consulting
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Ethics in Management Consulting
There are dilemmas that exist in the process of consulting and the best thing is to try as much as possible to solve these puzzles. One of such dilemma is that of consulting with the right client. It is essentials to know the client well through a background check. The second dilemma is that of the ethical dilemma that revolves narrowly around confidentiality and anonymity.
Being in the same situation, I would prefer that before any information is obtained there is a full check on the client to know them better. These background checks not only help him or her get better service but also protect the reputation of the company. I strongly agree with the author since the Consultancy is a dynamic field with a lot of expectations and reputation that help in better service delivery. Issues of confidentiality and anonymity are essential in quality service to clients and ensure the consultancy is operating within the accepted ethics.
The dilemma that the case presents is that of fee charge to various clients. The dilemma of fee to charge arises from time to time and what should be the criteria to ascertain the fee to different groups of clients.
I would charge different consultant fee to various groups of clients should I be in the similar situation. This would the through using the information obtained initially from them. Some of the criteria would be to look at their economic capabilities to pay and the nature of consultancy work. I strongly agree with the author’s view. This is based on the fact that the nature of consultancy varies from client to client so it can only be rational to charge different fee. In addition, different clients are served at interval and with various economical capabilities (ability to pay).
Hauser, A. (2009). Ethics in Management Consulting: An examination of the extent to which the principles of integrative consulting ethics are incorporated in management consulting firms in Germany. München: GRIN Verlag GmbH. Read More
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Ethics in Management Consulting Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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