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The Competencies That Are Required By Consultants In Order To Ensure an Efficient Consulting Practice - Essay Example

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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present the issues of competence of the consultant and the organizational characteristics to measure the impacts that these factors have on the consulting performance of the organization…
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The Competencies That Are Required By Consultants In Order To Ensure an Efficient Consulting Practice
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Extract of sample "The Competencies That Are Required By Consultants In Order To Ensure an Efficient Consulting Practice"

Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates that the work of the management consultant is to help the client organization to recognize the management problems, analyze the problems and provide solutions to the problems. The role of the consultants has become extremely important in contemporary times to deal with critical issues faced by the organizations. The client organization often requires the skill and expertise to deal with the critical issues faced by the organization. Researchers have established that there is a link between organizational performance and organizational characteristic and both of these are influenced by a reverse relationship. It can be argued that the organizational characteristics can also have an influence on the consulting performance. According to the views of Lundberg, the competence of an individual is a set of appropriate behavior which acts as a framework for identifying, evaluating and developing an individual’s behavior. Researchers have found out that competence is actually a combination of skills, knowledge, and behavior that helps in improving the performance of an organization. According to Sandberg, people who perform their responsibilities more competently than others can be argued to have the finer set of attributes. Therefore it can be argued that the competence of the management consultant is a crucial factor that influences consulting performance. The existing literature identifies that there are a set of competencies that are important for consultants. There are ten domains of competencies that have been identified namely enterprising, confidence, management, influence, facilitation, consideration, analytics, performance, organizing behavior, resilience and enterprising nature. Each of these domains has a number of characteristics under them like independence, adaptability, planning, quality orientation, problem-solving approach, conceptualizing vision and customer orientation to name a few. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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