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To Implement Primary Prevention Principles Designed to Address an Issue of Concern to the Entire School Community - Assignment Example

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The author examines Primary Prevention Programs which are organized mainly by school consultant or leaders to enhance some children motivational abilities. Some children are active enough to get through all the chores in one strike whereas, there are children who need a little push…
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To Implement Primary Prevention Principles Designed to Address an Issue of Concern to the Entire School Community
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Extract of sample "To Implement Primary Prevention Principles Designed to Address an Issue of Concern to the Entire School Community"

Download file to see previous pages  School psychologists, as well as school consultants help in the prevention program by providing school leaders a way to expose several procedures of how to deal with several problems of children, more particularly, student achievement, self-esteem enhancement, substance abuse, or crisis situations within school limits (Shaw, M. C., Goodyear, R. K., 1984).
Nowadays, children are more demanding than in the previous era’s. Some children rather than others cannot make it normally. They need special and supportive training to get into the stream. (Stephen J. M., Astrid M. O’ M., March 2008). For the appraisal of these children which are usually left behind, prevention programs are being conducted by many school leaders. According to school psychologists, special training programs are required to be conducted in the premature level of their studies so as to make them build up their strong character. Prevention programs are one of them to help the students psychologically as well as mentally to enhance their behavior and get to know of dealing with certain critical situations which make them brave enough to start running again among the other normal children.
Program to implement primary prevention principles: Primary schools have some funding collected to support pre- level children who are not making expected progress. The main aim of Prevention Programs is to raise the standard of all children. Strategies are to be made in order to give the children additional support in achievement as well as in dealing with another critical issue like substance abuse or crises management. Primary prevention program is a significant program that brings changes in the structural framework of each educational unit. This helps the children in memorizing common practices and consistent application of positive or negative reinforcement.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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