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Analysis of a particular approach according to The Tooty Fruity Vegie project - Essay Example

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Analysis of a Particular Approach According To "The Tooty Fruity Vegie Project" In the recent times, the community development has emerged as one of the highly discussed areas locally and internationally. In general, community development is firmly related with bringing changes within a community through the combined initiatives of people towards performing certain activities to achieve a shared goal…
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Analysis of a particular approach according to The Tooty Fruity Vegie project
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Download file to see previous pages In Australia as well as in other more advanced countries, the communities are largely concerned about the increasing rate of childhood obesity. It has often been argued that the issue of childhood obesity is accompanied with a wide range of health problems emerging in childhood and in later adult life. It has been ascertained that obesity occurs from an imbalance between energy or the food consumed and exhausted. It was further identified that choices about eating and exercise may get distorted, if proper information relating to healthy eating habits is not easily available. Additionally, it has been perceived that the implications or outcomes related with obesity will have much radical impacts on the community. It is observed that the increasing rate of obesity among children will contribute towards increasing health costs (Crowle & Turner, 2010). In this regard, the choice of food items consumed by human beings is usually determined by taste. In this context, some food items are bitter while some others are sour. Nonetheless, the consumption of all kinds of food is necessary for a balanced diet. At the same time, encouraging children to consume all kinds of food products in order to promote diversity is often a very problematic task. Encouraging children to consume a variety of food products can be argued to be education-based. Nutrition education generally consists of the description of information related with foods about their nutritional contents. Concurrently, the Tooty Fruity Vegie (TFV) project is a vital mechanism through which children can be introduced to different foods. It is a health promotion program which intends to augment fruit and vegetable intake among the primary school children. Correspondingly, the long-term goals of the program has been to reduce heart disease and obesity in the community by promoting and motivating primary school children to embrace healthy eating habit early in life. In the course of executing this program, TFV project has used a whole-of-school approach in implementing strategies for promoting fruit and vegetable consumption in a few selected schools (Newell & et. al., 2004). Correspondingly, this essay intends to explore the behaviour change theory in accordance with TFV project. Finally, the essay will further analyse children’s fruit along with vegetables knowledge and attitude, parents’ involvement in the fruit and vegetable activities as well as teachers’ attitude towards teaching to children about fruits and vegetables. The importance of influencing behaviour in order to achieve favourable outcomes has been widely recognised. The behavioural change models are being used in multiple contexts such as sustainable consumption and climate change. It can be argued that behavioural models and theories of behavioural change cannot significantly produce behaviour changes nor can they predict the changes that may occur in an individual (Prager & et. al., 2012). Behaviour change theory structures may be used by health educators to systematically design educational programs in order to the measure the effectiveness of the programs. It has been argued that not one theory is efficient enough to address all the variables that describe a person’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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