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Tourism Project - Essay Example

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The following project is intended for the use of all the future tourists who shall visit Singapore. They will include MICE executives, ( Meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions in an atmosphere of understated comfort and luxury are quite enough to make one want to use that same venue again and again.) as well as families out upon an outing.
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Tourism Project
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Download file to see previous pages This tourism sector is worth Singapore dollars 12.4 billion (2006) annually.
On the other hand, Hong Kong, with its proposed Disneyland and a new cultural centre at West Kowloon that is seven times the size of the Esplanade, Dubai Japan and Bangkok are Singapore's greatest competitors in the tourism sector.
Their multimillion dollar tourism projects to lure tourists from all over the world are ominous enough to make any forward thinking government which is driven by economic consideration, plan to think of new ideas to attract tourists to their country. One of them is to think up new tourism based themes which can make investors think that Singapore is transforming itself into a diversified service-based economy. One of these steps is by opening up an integrated resort.
The basic objective of an integrated resort is to attract tourists. It would not be limited to just casinos. They should include convention centers, hotels, restaurants, shopping, convention space, theatres, museums and theme parks. The government can thus hope to be able its overall goal to generate tourism receipts of $9. 5-billion annually by 2015,1 which is half the target set by the Singapore tourism board. Apart from this, the other completion of a project successfully and its performance at Marina South can be targeted to bring in the international convention market. This can eventually boost up the Singaporean tourism sector and economy to make it on par with its nearest competitors.
Business Objectives
The project aims to complete the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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