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HR Apple company Leadership and Motivation&Reward - Essay Example

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Each company, regardless of whether it is public or private, simply requires a pool of hardworking individuals that work unanimously towards achieving a common objective(s). However, over the past few years, getting employees to work effectively, efficiently and in harmony has…
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HR Apple company Leadership and Motivation&Reward
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Extract of sample "HR Apple company Leadership and Motivation&Reward"

Download file to see previous pages Apple Computer Inc. is a company that has gained universal recognition due to its innovative and branded hardware and software that are easy to use, powerful and more elegant as compared to those of their rivals (Carlopio, Andrewartha & Armstrong 2004, p. 217). However, this positive innovation can be attributed to the leadership practices and motivation and reward that are exercised by the management team of this company. This paper will therefore critically evaluate the effect and contribution of leadership practices and motivation on the performance of Apple Computer Inc. and other organizations. For this purpose, the paper aims at providing the clear definitions of leadership and motivation and reward, thereby critically examining different theories appropriate to these practices.
According to Gibb, leadership is the process of influence whereby principled and authoritative individuals exercise high level of influence over the subjects or followers than the subjects did over them (qtd in Ladkin 2010, p. 35). Gibb therefore recognized leadership as a processes in which an individual exercised due influence on another in order to complete an assigned task or to achieve a certain objective. On the other hand Marshall describes transformational leadership as the a leadership style whereby a leader identifies an absolute need for change in the organization, formulates a vision that will “guide the change through inspiration” and lastly, executes the change with the help and commitment of others (2011, p. 3). Transformational leaders therefore tend to work towards achieving extraordinary positive results.
Transformational leadership theory has interested of many organizational leaders over the past few years. According to Givens, this theory was established in 1978 by Burns (2008, p. 4). This theory is based on the ability of the leader to provide motivation to the subjects in order to accomplish the general set ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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