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Leadership styles of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs - Coursework Example

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This paper seeks to compare two business leaders namely Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. These two individuals are considered leaders of the Information Technology (IT) industry who have revolutionized the world of information technology with their innovation and thinking…
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Leadership styles of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs
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Extract of sample "Leadership styles of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs"

Download file to see previous pages Management positions in an organization involve to an extent formally designated authority and as such, it is quite possible that individuals may assume a leadership role simply because of their organizational position. But in this regard, it is important to note that all leaders are not considered as managers. In the same way, all managers are also not considered as leaders. Organizations provide their managers with certain formal rights but there is no guarantee that those managers will also be able to efficiently lead a group.
Bill Gates's and Steve Jobs' educational record is considered not to be that good as they both were dropouts. They started their career at almost the same point in time and in the same industry. Bill Gates belongs to Microsoft while Steve Jobs is related to Apple Computers. They both are considered to be very wealthy and successful in the industry of personal computing. Bill Gates is considered to be a true genius and brilliant businessman while Steve Jobs can be considered as a technological leader and true creative thinker. The competition between them was considered to be fascinating and at the same time enduring in the US business industry. According to the traits approach, the traits are considered to be the parameters to determine the success and impacts of the leader. Early studies have identified certain traits of great leaders that set them apart from any average person. There are various theories that have been formulated by researchers in an attempt to explain the functioning of effective leadership. These theories seek to address several questions with regard to leadership such as the relationship between followers and leaders, situational impacts on leadership, and leadership behavior. Leadership is considered to be an important field of study in the world of today. It can be seen that Steve Jobs has been fast and determined in his decision-making capabilities and is also independent in his ways of thoughts. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Leadership Styles of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Coursework.
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