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Money reward is superior to any other motivational incentives - Assignment Example

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This is even if the resources that an organization is controlling are unlimited. This is a question that has seen a considerable number of debates amongst the stakeholders of an economy, and business magnates. Whiteley (2002) explains that…
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Money reward is superior to any other motivational incentives
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Extract of sample "Money reward is superior to any other motivational incentives"

Download file to see previous pages However, Thomas (2000) explains that without good working conditions, it is impossible for high salaries to be a good motivator to the employees of an organization.
Thomas (2000) therefore explains that, the link between compensation, performance and motivation is very complex, and difficult to understand. Research indicates that if people were left to decide on how much money they should earn, then chances are high that they would not get satisfaction in their jobs. Human resource experts, who advocate for money as a motivator, also accept the notion that money alone cannot act as an effective motivator. Other factors such as a good working environment, cooperation between employees and the management, ability for growth are other motivational factors that are effective in increasing the morale of workers.
The basic question to ask in this debate is on whether money plays a role in making our jobs enjoyable or not. Furthermore, the question to ask is whether high salaries play a role in motivating or de-motivating the employees of an organization. Whiteley (2002) explains that in as much as money is not the major motivator, in an organization, lack of good salaries can become a de-motivator. We are living in a capitalistic world, where everything we do, is monetized. It is very difficult to survive without making good money, or earning a good salary. The social status of an individual is also motivated, based on the kind or amount of money that he or she earns. It is based on these factors that employees of a business organization normally want to be paid high salaries, or a decent income for their services to an organization.
Whiteley (2002) explains that a good theoretical framework that explains the importance of money is the Hierarchy of Needs theory, formulated by Abraham Maslow. The second level of these needs is security. Maslow explains that employees of an organization always have a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Money Reward Is Superior to Any Other Motivational Incentives Assignment.
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