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The Value of Work - Essay Example

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Full name Professor Subject Date The Value of Work In a fast-paced world, people seem to be always working. One person walks fast to a building without even looking around, never stopping to say hello to a stranger or standing by to feel and breathe the cool air…
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The Value of Work
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"The Value of Work"

Download file to see previous pages I view hard work as a means to an end and it could be the only means available to everybody, rich or poor, young or old, educated or not. Coming from a Chinese descent, I had my own share of the difficulties in life. I have seen how my parents worked hard only to make sure that I will be able to go to college and finish my studies. They dreamed of keeping us out from poverty so that they did not just share their beliefs about working hard but they also worked hard to show the meaning of their words. China is known to be a country that has survived many difficulties through hard work and this somehow molded the perspective of the Chinese people regarding work and wealth. Wealth and success is always directly proportionate to hard work, that is, if we are speaking of honest gain alone. The Chinese are well-known for their thriftiness, that most are able to succeed financially, slowly but surely. Therefore, although it has not always been directly taught to us the value of money, it seemed to have always been in our blood, our culture. The thriftiness of the Chinese is not a picture of stinginess rather of value, and the appreciation of its value and source. Money is not supposed to be wasted easily because it is not earned easily. It takes a lot of hard work to gain money so every drop of sweat is to be remembered when spending time comes. I may not understand fully well the reaction of the man being shocked by his stepson handing him some coins simply “because he did not like them jangling in his pocket” (Updike) but I guess I have a glimpse of the difficulties he has been through that he valued every cent as we, Chinese do. Cultural background largely affects my beliefs about work and is compounded by my observations, religion and educational background, both formal and informal. In our country, a lot of people work in the fields and farming is indeed difficult according to my observance because farmers usually work under the sun and even under the rain. Their jobs are not like those of low-paid employees like janitors, waiters, plumbers or carpenters who also have difficult jobs but are always under the protection of a roof when the sun is up or the rain is pouring hard. I can just imagine the sacrifice farmers spend in doing their responsibilities in order to live a decent life even if the financial value of their hard work is not much. Still, I respect them. I do not just equate work with financial success but I also look at its qualitative value. Some people may look down on people who earn low salaries but for me, I look up to them because they earn their bread decently. It is said that learning starts at home and family members are the first teachers. This is very true. I had my first education on work when my parents taught me to save in a piggy bank. Since both my parents are working, they did not have much time to spend with me. Therefore, in their little time that they are able to talk with me, they always tell me to save money because it is difficult to earn it. They also encouraged me to always behave and obey their instructions and as long as I do so, they give me extra coins to put in my bank. This developed me to discipline myself to obey and behave. I believe this has a very strong effect on my perspectives now about work. Although I did not earn money by sweeping the floor, wiping the table or washing the dishes, I was able to earn because of discipline. I consider it a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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