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Does Money Motivate People? Name Institution Introductions Money has been a means rewarding workers for a very long time. There are many other incentives given to workers, such as free gifts, promotions and holiday leaves. Among those offered, money is considered to be the most important, because everything that a man needs for survival has the value of money attached to it…
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Does money motivate people
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"Does money motivate people"

Download file to see previous pages The question if money matters has been posed by many people. Many reputable scientists have argued that it actually depends on which society one is referring to. In other words, which historical period one is talking about. They refer to how people used to live some time ago. During the Stone Age period, there was no money. People used to exchange goods as a means of trade. This means that workers were paid by being given goods, such as food, jewelry and pieces of cloth to wear. They, thus, argue that there was no money and yet workers were motivated. Money is, thus, not considered a motivator by scientists, because even presently such agreements do exist. In some cases, they have referred to the African traditional way of paying bride price. Dowry is paid in form of domestic animals and not money (Blass, 2009). Wealth can be measured in many ways and the amount of money one has is one them. Every person does his best to gain wealth, but people perceive wealth differently. Some people regard material wealth more highly than money. These are the people who might not consider money as a motivator. Just like the traditional African society, some people in the modern would still prefer material wealth as a motivator rather than money. There are cases where employers have bought houses and vehicles for their employees as a means of appreciating their good work. The employees have ended up working even harder, because they have been motivated by goods. In other different cases motivation can be something much different from money. When a student is praised for doing well, that’s enough motivation and can make him to perform even better. Thus, money can be a motivator to some people , but not everyone. Does Money Motivate? Employers pay their employees money as a major means of motivation. This is the most common means compared to others and reminds one about Shaw and Gruptas article. It stated with the idea that everybody wanted money was just propaganda. It went on to say that it was circulated by wealth addicts who wanted to feel better about themselves. Other means used in organization to motivate employees include praises, promotions and giving employee’s gifts and presents. In the present world, people need money to carry their day to day activities (Collins and Moore, 1970). It is for this reason that Trade Unions are fighting tirelessly for workers to be paid a good salary. They fight for pay rise and good working conditions. Few organizations provide their employees with food at their work places. It is for this reason that employees must be paid well, so that they could buy food, because they cannot work on an empty stomach. The employees may also have other dependants, like families and friends. This implies that even if they are given enough food at work, it is not convincing for them not to be paid. Money is also used by employees to meet other basic needs that they may have. They need clothing to wear. Studies show that employees spend a large amount of their income to buy clothing in order to look smart. Other firms provide uniforms to their employees which they wear during working hours. Generally, they are supposed to be presentable in their places of work, thus, they need money to buy clothing. Shelter is another basic need that employees should have. They should, therefore, be paid money that will enable them ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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