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An essay " Organizational Behavior: Work Motivation, Leadership and Organizational Goals and Structure" discusses the relation of work motivation, leadership and organizational goals and structure amid challenges. It will also cite Concentrix company to partially view its organizational behavior…
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Organizational Behavior: Work Motivation, Leadership and Organizational Goals and Structure
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Download file to see previous pages It will also cite Concentrix company to partially view its organizational behavior using select themes. Work Motivation Work motivations are either pushed by internal or external factors. Intrinsic motivations are caused by sense of achievement, self-esteem, for survival, and for job satisfaction (Dur & Delfgaauw, 2003). Sense of achievement refers about rewarding accomplishment while self-esteem meant about being considerably ‘feeling good’ for contributing to the achievement of organizational goals (Dur & Delfgaauw, 2003) or are meeting fundamental human needs. Job satisfaction refers to sense of fulfillment and contentment for wages received that is commensurate to services rendered. Motivated employees work hard, regardless of educational status although companies would prefer and value workers who are intrinsically motivated or those who can incredibly commit to work specific functions despite minimum wage (Ashraf, 2011 & Fulmer, 2000). This can be exploited by any company to prefer optimal worker’s selection although this largely depends on the ability of the management to observe the worker’s motivation (Dur & Delfgaauw, 2003). Job enrichment can be done through the conduct of series of training and seminar. Highly skilled employees can improve company’s performance and leverage in production or marketing (Ashraf, 2011). Empowering workers refer to the strategy of engaging employees in decision-making on issues relating to their work and environment. It is providing them ample and appropriate authority to decide on matters that are directly affecting them (Ashraf, 2011). They should also be provided with spaces or a forum where they can discuss their issues and problems as workers to enable them to find resolutions that will improve their conditions. Other motivational factor is that strategy where employees are provided with company stock in exchange of developing a more positive and performance-oriented performance management (Ashraf, 2011). This practice is evident or offered by Concentrix Company, a leading call center and sister company of Synnex, to its employees. Employees who are able to achieve targets within specified period are able to receive benefits of stock share at the end of the year. Job satisfaction is indeed externally motivated by reward system expressed in a form of incentives, bonus, additional fees, or promotion from present designation to a higher post. It is also influenced by the nature, environment and conditions of work as well as supervisory behavior although it must be realized too that job satisfaction impartially depends employee’s job performance. Leadership Job satisfaction relates to leadership. It is about providing guidance or direction to an institution in accordance to set vision, mission and goals.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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