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Business Management Tasks - Essay Example

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This discussion declares that there are various types of organisational structures, including: functional organisational structure, matrix organisation structure, projectized organisation structure, divisional organizational structure, flat organisation structure, and composite organisation structure. …
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Business Management Tasks
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Download file to see previous pages This discussion highlights that at the top of the structure is the CEO/President who oversees all the operations of the company he is at the top of the pyramid in decision making process. Company’s departments are categorized into either support or operations. Support include: human resources, finance, marketing, and property. Operation includes the other parts of the business.  At Pizza Hut every division plays a different function making it easier for the CEO to determine whether or not the divisions are performing as per required. This is a kind of structure that encourages specialization as each division consists of employees who have the required skills, experience, and character that are required for the function that the division serves.As the report stresses the company is divided into departments each headed by a director. Every department has a specific function that is expected to perform a specific function the departments that are present in Pizza Hut are: marketing, human resource management, public relations, procurement, operations. This kind of organizational structure can be referred to as composite organizational structure because it is a blend of a hierarchical organizational structure and divisional organization structure. Despite the fact that the organization has various departments performing different functions there are divisions within the department with the leader of each subdivision reporting to the head of department. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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