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International Operations and Risk Management of Brewin Dolphin Plc - Essay Example

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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present the international operations and risk management of Brewin Dolphin Plc. Brewin Dolphin Plc is a British financial firm which provides services such as investments management and financial advice in the U.K and Eire…
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International Operations and Risk Management of Brewin Dolphin Plc
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Extract of sample "International Operations and Risk Management of Brewin Dolphin Plc"

Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates that Brewin Dolphin Plc has over 35 offices in the U.K and the Eire region. The company remains committed to providing expert financial services. Earning the trust of the client through efficient services has remained an important aspect of the company. However, increasing regulatory policies and changing demands and nature of financial services requires Brewin Dolphin to continuously innovate. Brewin Dolphin charges clients on the basis of the value of their services. Following fair and ethical practices in terms of charging prices has remained important for the organization. A personal approach is adopted by the company in providing financial services to the clients. Brewin Dolphin‘s clients also include a number of charitable trusts and non-profit seeking institutions. Brewin Dolphin manages £ 28 billion worth investments of clients in the U.K and Eire. Since its inception in the British financial sector, the company has been successful at growing rapidly. Moreover, since the market in which the company operates is growth-oriented, it is expected that the firm will be able to grow sufficiently even in the future. Investment management firm in the U.K is seen to grow in size and revenue even though recession had considerably weakened the economy. Post-recession, many firms, and individuals began becoming aware of the fact that securing financial advice and expert management advice was necessary to safeguard wealth. Moreover, the recession had triggered more regulatory practices to be introduced within the industry. Almost 10 to 15 percent of the industry segment is occupied by the portfolio management and investment firms. The major revenue, however, is received from the banking firms which operate in this sector. The investment management firms of the U.K account for earning almost £ 12 billion on an annual basis. Apart from the steady flow of income, the investment management sector of the U.K also accounts for a significant number of job opportunities. The government of the U.K ensures that the investment management sector remains stable. The failure or fall in revenues in this sector directly impacts the overall economy of the nation. Overall, the investment management sector accounts for 1 percent in the overall economy of the U.K. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(International Operations and Risk Management of Brewin Dolphin Plc Essay)
International Operations and Risk Management of Brewin Dolphin Plc Essay.
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