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Ocean Fishers Tuna-Dolphin Issue in the Pacific Ocean - Research Paper Example

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The author of the current project aims to study the environmental implications and describes the ethical issues involved in the tuna-dolphin issue in the Pacific Ocean by exploring the background, international opinion, and policies relevant to the issue …
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Ocean Fishers Tuna-Dolphin Issue in the Pacific Ocean
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Download file to see previous pages Dependence of man on plants and animals for his dietary requirements renders human interference with the natural processes unavoidable. Interference, however; is not the same as damage. While certain interactions among living organisms are essential for ecological homeostasis, certain others affect homeostasis adversely. Human exploitation of natural ecosystems must further involve ethical consideration since man is capable of modifying nature to meet his requirements, to use and develop minimal invasive alternative technologies of exploitation; or to forgo consideration for personal satisfaction and greed. Besides, man is also capable of moral discretion. Brennan & Lo in the article on Environmental Ethics mentions that a combination of the two aspects is environmental ethics and it deals with the moral issues involved in the interaction of man with his environment.
Food harvesting from the marine ecosystem has been one of the most extensively explored and equally controversial issues for the natural scientists, environmentalists, and policymakers. One of the controversies involves the methodology used for fishing of tuna leading to the killing of dolphins present in the vicinity. This has led to a sharp decline in the population of dolphins. Current estimates of abundance provided by Gerrodette & Forcada (1) are 640,000 and 450,000 of northeastern offshore spotted dolphins and eastern spinner dolphins respectively. Several disagreements complicate the international opinion and render an in-depth discussion of the issue imperative. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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