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Leadership issues and solutions - Essay Example

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The leadership in the organization is having this challenge as many colleagues are poorly motivated. This has resulted in general poor productivity which will hugely affect the…
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Leadership issues and solutions
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Extract of sample "Leadership issues and solutions"

Leadership Issues and Solutions Leadership Issues and Solutions Organizations around the world are striving to ensure their workforce is adequately motivated. The leadership in the organization is having this challenge as many colleagues are poorly motivated. This has resulted in general poor productivity which will hugely affect the end-year company results. There are complaints everywhere that the management no longer listens to employees’ complaints. Employees feel they are no longer valued and are threatening industrial action if their demands are not met. These problems can be solved simply by fixing the leadership towards motivating the employees.
Some of the complaints put forth include huge disparities between remuneration between those in top management and those in lower levels of operations. The working hours and increased work load per employee is also a challenge. The management needs to offer leadership by first listening and genuinely responding to these complaints. There is a communication gap that needs bridging where employees’ representatives should sit and negotiate with the management. Harmonizing remuneration needs to be considered and a formula devised on how to shorten the disparity. The workload will not be an issue if the management takes a few employees for further training so as to better manage the increased responsibilities.
Organizations have to keep their employees motivated so as to ensure increased productivity states Camilius (2011). Camilius further states that losing employees is quite costly especially in replacing them. Every employee likes to feel valued and part of the larger organizational workforce. Even if some issues like increasing remuneration are sensitive and may not happen immediately, it is critical to communicate the intensions or reasons of failure thereof to the relevant employee representatives. These actions will go a long way in holding to the workforce as well as maintaining high motivation levels.
Camilius, E. C. (2011). The epistemology of motivation. Xlibris Corporation. Read More
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Leadership Issues and Solutions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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