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Resolving Leadership Problems - Assignment Example

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Nowadays, in this globalized world, the organizations are no longer the responsibility of a single individual and many people work in…
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Resolving Leadership Problems
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Extract of sample "Resolving Leadership Problems"

Download file to see previous pages nal and as the result, many organizations around the world are now facing the complex problem of creating and acquiring leaders to take the most difficult decisions and ensure success of their organizations.
For this report, the paper will consider case study of ABC organization that has been able to ensure its survival in the corporate world. ABC was one of the manufacturing firms until 2012; however, in June 2013, the company’s CEO resigned away, and since then, there has been a gap in terms of leadership in the company. The owners tried bringing in new CEO in the company but it is not working the way it used to be during the time of previous CEO. The employees are suddenly unhappy about their work and there have been issues regarding decision-making in the firm. Now the owners have decided to resolve this issue by June 2014 and for that, they desire the following state of the company:
Analysis of company’s records has indicated that the ABC Company was making US$4 million on quarterly basis until 2012; however, since after quarter of January to March 2013, the company has been making only US$2 million on average. Owners of the company desire to bring back company sales to at least US$3.5 million by September 2014. In addition, there have been various conflicts regarding decision-making and owners would like to see satisfied employees in the company that will ensure long-term success of the company.
In order to resolve any complex problem whether it be a problem related to resolving leadership problems or a problem related to reforming education, it is very imperative that change agents ensure consensus (Kaufman, Oakley-Browne, Watkins, & Leigh, 2003) at the time of problem identification, as well as at the time of deciding its solution. Unfortunately, sometimes, change agents try to employ their tested solutions at an organization without understanding differences in context and without acquiring consensus of the stakeholders and that result in chaos and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Resolving Leadership Problems Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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