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Discuss the reality of using problem solving and solution generating tools in a real consultancy case - Essay Example

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Problem solving is a strategy used to define the standards of arriving at solutions to problem areas, which allows for effective directing – towards making evaluations and resolution for problem areas. This strategy encompasses a number of steps, including defining the problem…
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Discuss the reality of using problem solving and solution generating tools in a real consultancy case
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Extract of sample "Discuss the reality of using problem solving and solution generating tools in a real consultancy case"

Download file to see previous pages The third step is the evaluation and the selection of the best alternative, based on how much the option will solve the issue without causing negative results; that all parties accept the option taken; that the alternative is practical, and that the option is fit for the constraints of the problem. The fourth steps are implementing and follow up on the solution, which is done through campaigning for the acceptance of the option among involved parties and involving their efforts. This tool is more effective as compared to others like random idea generation, provocative idea formulation, challenge idea formulation and concept fan formulation and disproving. This paper is a discussion of the reality of problem solving and solution generating tools, through a real case of consultancy (Old 1995).
The consultancy case used for this study is that of Veema Enterprises, whose management and stakeholders were interested in capturing an outside perspective – in the area of identifying the opportunities available to the venture, for improvement in the area of management. The venture sought to diagnose areas of improvement, define fresh perspectives – while remaining appropriate to regulated service, as well as place focus on managerial practices and areas of proficiency, which can be controlled for long-term success. This can be supported by the theory of constraints, developed by Goldratt Eliyahu in 1984, covering a set of insights and holistic processes – all founded on systems approach to mange and simplify the complexity of the enterprise, by focusing on the logical and physical limiting areas. For the enterprise, these constraint areas include leadership inefficiencies, strategic planning deficiencies, decreasing quality and the lack of innovation. This process can also be explained using Kurt Lewin’s theory of 1951, which explains behavior as the product of a dynamic balance of opposing forces. The theorist talks ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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