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Food & Beverage Department: A Case Study of the Grand Hyatt Macau - Thesis Proposal Example

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In the paper “Food & Beverage Department: A Case Study of the Grand Hyatt Macau” the author discusses training and development, which are some of the tools which can be used in order to maintain the utmost efficiency and quality of goods and services…
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Food & Beverage Department: A Case Study of the Grand Hyatt Macau
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Extract of sample "Food & Beverage Department: A Case Study of the Grand Hyatt Macau"

Download file to see previous pages Training and development are some of the tools which can be used in order to maintain the utmost efficiency and quality of goods and services (Fan, 2009). With training and development, the staff members within the hospitality industry can be taught the necessary skills and expertise to improve the quality of their services. The products presented to clients can also be improved, can be handled better, and can be prepared better (Fan, 2009). Training and development is perceived in different ways by the employees, with some being very supportive and accepting of the process, and with others being less than accepting of the process. This study now seeks to investigate employee perception on the effectiveness of training and development in the Food and Beverage department at the Grand Hyatt Macau.
Training and development is valuable and its benefits are also universally accepted (Roehl and Swerdlow, 1999). All hotels have realized the importance and necessity of training programs in order to also improve the overall operational functions of their staff. Also, various subjects can also be covered during the training of employees from hotels, especially the F & B services (Barrows, 2000). Training and development play a crucial role in improving the responsiveness of organizations and with training, productivity, safety, and personal development can also be secured (Goldstein and Ford, 2002).
This study is based on the context of ensuring that the performance of the Food and Beverage department at the Grand Hyatt Macau is up to the standards of the hotel and hospitality industry as well as the standards of the Grand Hyatt hotels. Training and development in this case is founded on improved services for the general public.
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Food & Beverage Department: A Case Study of the Grand Hyatt Macau Thesis Proposal.
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