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Leading managing people - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Most of the time, people are expected to complete a number of activities in groups. A number of times these actions cannot be completed and the whole process becomes a failure. However, at other times,…
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Leading managing people
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Report on Workshop Experience Report on Workshop Experience Teamwork or group work is a common occurrence in most ofthe life set ups. Most of the time, people are expected to complete a number of activities in groups. A number of times these actions cannot be completed and the whole process becomes a failure. However, at other times, the members of the teams have been able to work together towards the successful completion of most projects. These differences occur as a result of varied factors. One of the main causes is the leadership style applied within the group setting.
The group work setting was our main focus during the workshop. There was thus a lot of lesson to learn from the activity in relation to team work and group work skills. The major one included the need to practice good leadership skills for group performance and potency (Sivasubramaniam, Murry, Avolio & Jung, 2002, p. 78). It also included cooperation and coordination throughout the period. It was also vital to come up with proper leadership and management skills to ensure that the assignment was completed in a successful manner (Glen 2002, p.15).
The elements that led to the attainment of the project involved the ability to come up with one of our members as the leader of the group. This ensured that all activities were controlled and were handled from a single source. It would not be possible if there was the lack of a particular leader. It is because most of the individuals, would have been involved in varied activities at the same time. With a competent leader, the different activities were well coordinated, directed and planned (Glen 2002, p.27). As such, a major lesson in relation to the need of competency and authority in leadership was acquired. However, this leadership among the team members was shared in the sense that each of the members had a crucial role to play (Glen 2002, p.89).
It was also clear that the success of any group depends on the ability of one person to influence others. This varies in a number of aspects that include decision making, practical activities as well as coaching. These are the fundamental concepts of leading and managing people. During the workshop, most leaders who were able to record success in the results of their groups were able to influence them based on the differences in the behaviors of the team members. Some of the elements that were focused on included attention, active participation, ability to follow instruction and the coordination that is required for people to work as a team (Glen 2002, p.85).
In addition, the workshop made it possible to understand the fundamental principles that govern leadership and management (Ingrid 2006, p. 58). It was shown through the power of communication, which included both verbal and non-verbal means. From the formation of the aero-planes to the recording of the results, effective communication played a vital role of engaging the group members towards achieving the goals of the group (Glen 2002, p.50).
Despite the fact that the workshop was a practical science activity, it was able to provide much insight related to management. It is from the group work activity that both leaders and team members drew various lessons on success leadership and teamwork. People were able to realize why they attained successful results in some areas while they were disappointed in others. In the future, the insight will assist people to make efforts to improve certain areas for better results.
Glen, Paul, 2002, Leading Geeks: How to Manage and Lead the People Who Deliver Technology, San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
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