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Plants Communicate and Interact with Each Other - Essay Example

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The essay “Plants Communicate and Interact with Each Other” focuses on communication between plants, which has never been viewed to occur until in the 20th century when several types of research were undertaken to dispel the myth. Several scientific pieces of research have been conducted…
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Plants Communicate and Interact with Each Other
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Extract of sample "Plants Communicate and Interact with Each Other"

 The research by Babikova focused on the communication of plants using the fungi network.
The use of a mycorrhizal fungus in the experiment was employed leading to effective data collection on the modes of communication. The plants used the fungi hyphae network to communicate with each other including the transfer of nutrients between the plants. Plants communicate on the issues including insect attack. It was found that plants reacted to the scent of volatile organic compounds by developing defense or emitting chemicals that attract aphid eating wasps which feed on the aphids infesting the area. The separation of the plants by covering those using plastics and pots gives a clear indication of the communication process. The separation of the plants both using pot and plastic bags in the air, led to no communication between the plants.
Thus, the findings supported the analogy of communication between plants. Therefore, it can be proven without a doubt that plants communicate effectively. From the research of Richard Karban and Babikova, it is evident that communication between plants is continuous and regular. In conclusion, the communication between plants was not understood until the findings of the various researches were published.
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Plants Communicate and Interact With Each Other Essay - 28.
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