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Analysis of the Mode of Communication Used by Police Officers Law and Order Show - Assignment Example

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"Analysis of the Mode of Communication Used by Police Officers Law and Order Show" paper states that at the workplace, one needs to communicate effectively to be able to work in the most efficient manner. If the flow is broken or disrupted, the progress of the work is hindered. …
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Analysis of the Mode of Communication Used by Police Officers Law and Order Show
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Extract of sample "Analysis of the Mode of Communication Used by Police Officers Law and Order Show"

Download file to see previous pages Many use it for fun's sake but some take it negatively and misuse the facility. This episode was based on such negative usage of internet and blog sites. The parents of a seventeen-year-old girl go to the police to complain about a young man who runs a blog with pictures of naked young girls. The police find out that the blog has more to it, besides sexual absurdity, the blog also contains pictures of explosives and a video of a pipe bomb threat in the locality. Luckily, they are able to recognize the place and arrange for adequate bomb disposal crew in time. This, however, creeps out the police who now want to search for the person who originally posted these videos. They get to know that the young boy that they have at their disposal has merely copied it from another blog which seems much scarier. The police go to search for the person who is running the other blog. They read updates and get to know that it is someone who wants to blow off a school with over 600 people. They search for schools and meet teachers asking for students who may have done so. Upon researching, they figure out that the person is not actually a student, but is a potential teacher. They look for teachers who have been accused of wrongdoings since they are the ones who might think of devastating the school in aggression. By shortlisting potential criminals, they figure out it was an English teacher who was unjustly accused of molestation a year ago and so lost his job and now worked as a substitute teacher in different schools. Rick Benson, the criminal, also gets to know of the police’s advancements and so he plans to destruct the school earlier. The police thankfully run in due time and save the day by catching Rick and destroying all the bombs.

Since this episode of Law and Order is very recent, it used the most recent technology for communication. The police communicated with each other via cell phones and the internet and they communicated anonymously with the criminal through mails on his blog. Also, it showed how the police communicate effectively to ensure that the assigned task is accomplished in the least possible time.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Analysis of the Mode of Communication Used by Police Officers Law and Assignment, n.d.)
Analysis of the Mode of Communication Used by Police Officers Law and Assignment.
(Analysis of the Mode of Communication Used by Police Officers Law and Assignment)
Analysis of the Mode of Communication Used by Police Officers Law and Assignment.
“Analysis of the Mode of Communication Used by Police Officers Law and Assignment”.
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