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Summary has revolutionized interpersonal communication by enabling people to reach out and expand their social networks online in a way that was never before possible. The popularity of has quickly made it the premier social networking website, and has catapulted into the mainstream a new genre of internet social communication tied to establishment of individual web pages to which the pages of others are linked…
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Download file to see previous pages It truly represents a new generation in interpersonal communication and establishes a model for how the power of the internet can be leveraged to bring social networking to a whole new level. People are able to learn about others in a way they never before would have imagined. They can choose to engage with others based on a heightened level of knowledge and information that was rarely available prior to the advent of
Interpersonal communication has accomplished no less than enabling civilization as we know it to exist. It has evolved and advanced over millennia in order to adapt to ever changing socialization needs. Today's society is driven by technology. The ultimate destination for interpersonal communication is arguably a kind of networked culture in which the thoughts and ideas of each person are readily available to every other person. The power of the internet is essential to that end. is one of the pioneers in leveraging internet technology to make a giant leap toward the kind of networked social circle that is likely to be the most prevalent form of interpersonal interaction in the future. enables users to create their own web page containing blogs that describe their interests. It facilitates meeting friends with similar interests by allowing them to send e-mails through the site, join interest groups, and rate one another. Users can customize pages by adding photos, colors, designs and personal information. They can connect with others who share similar interests by joining groups based on preferences. For example, there are groups relating to religion, sports, food, nightlife and many other interests. MySpace's music interest groups have been the site of song premiers by such artists as Madonna, Coldplay, Neil Diamond and Depeche Mode.
The site has become so popular that it receives more hits than eBay and Google. The traffic generated by the site has made it sought after by advertisers, with mass-marketers such as Target placing ads on the site, and new motion pictures being promoted there. Its tremendous popularity is a testament to the extent to which the site has filled a void in modern interpersonal communication in the technological age. This type of online networked social interaction solution has become an important outlet for communication.
The anonymity of the internet has caused some problems when it comes to usage and application of services like MySpace. Teens often post photographs of themselves, as well as detailed personal information that could put them in danger. There have been reports of sexual predators trolling the site for potential victims; and investigations into sexual assaults that have occurred where teens have met the alleged perpetrators on MySpace. The site has caused great concern among parents who have observed indiscrete postings by their own and other children that contain provocative photos and personal details that could put their children at risk. MySpace has cats a spotlight on the risks of interpersonal communication in the age of the internet.
How can it be observed
Observation of has become a major concern for many parents, who have seen first hand the dangers the site may pose to unwitting children. While MySpace does have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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