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While the company had taken measures to mitigate the resentment of the customer base such developing advertising campaign on how to save on their…
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Case study(memo detailing)
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To From Re Necessity of constructing a nuclear reactor At present, Phoenix power rates are among the highest in the country which is resented by many of the company’s customer base. While the company had taken measures to mitigate the resentment of the customer base such developing advertising campaign on how to save on their energy cost, customers are still unhappy with what they are paying.
The company realizes this and intend to build a nuclear reactor in Arizona to reduce energy prices since the company will no longer have to import energy from power plants in California that contributed to its high cost. It already has an approval from the legislature but the company is torn on what creative strategy to use to implement the solution. Putting up a nuclear reactor is controversial since it will require increasing the present charges which the customers are already complaining and that there are sectors which are against nuclear plants. As it is however, energy cost will remain high and will continue to increase since power has to be imported from California and other states. Building a reactor will bring down the cost and will make Arizona self-sufficient in energy making supply more stable thus contributing to a lowered cost.
Before this proposal becomes a reality, there must be a market acceptance first about the building of a nuclear reactor. This is necessary because the present market base will be paying part of the cost of the reactor since they will be the one who will benefit from it. In addition, it will also be necessary to communicate that the nuclear reactor is safe to allay fears about its presence.
In order mitigate market resistance on the proposal of building a nuclear reactor and to facilitate market acceptance of the necessary cost associated in building it, the company must launch an information campaign about the benefits of putting up the reactor. The message must address the consumer base concerns which are cost and safety. To help consumers accept the necessary price hike and to understand why it is necessary, the computation of the energy cost that will be saved once the nuclear reactor is operational must be communicated. This will enable consumers to understand that they will save money on the long run once the reactor is built and that the price increase is temporary and necessary. The safety features of the reactor must also be included in the campaign to avoid protests in the construction of the nuclear reactor.
The information campaign must use multimedia to reach the various sectors of society in Phoenix, Arizona. Since everybody is a power consumer, everyone needs to be reached by the campaign. The medium that will be used includes TV infomercial explaining the necessity and benefit of a nuclear plant, newspaper ads explaining the computation, radio commercials, internet ads, flyers, advertising on business journals.
It is expected that there will be an initial resistance to the proposal of increasing power rates. But once the message has come across the general public, such resistance will be allayed and there will be greater acceptance about the power rate increase and the building of the nuclear reactor. Read More
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Case study(memo Detailing) Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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