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Impact of Leadership and Motivation on Organizational Culture and Performance - Essay Example

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The aim of this essay is to provide an explanation of the links between different types of organizational culture, leadership styles and organizational performance and the impact of leadership and motivation on organizational culture and performance…
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Impact of Leadership and Motivation on Organizational Culture and Performance
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Extract of sample "Impact of Leadership and Motivation on Organizational Culture and Performance"

Download file to see previous pages A review of a considerable proportion of existing literature that has been published in the field of leadership and its impacts on organizational culture and performance finds that these three factors have been independently interconnected. Experiential researchers have mentioned that a true leader will always play a crucial role in enhancing organizational culture and subsequently performance. Furthermore, a number of aspects of the organizational culture literature imply that the role played by leaders in a critical enabler of creation and maintenance of specific types of culture. Equally, the literature published in the field of leadership states that the capability of understanding and work in a culture is a prerequisite to becoming an effective leader. However, in spite of the inherent and explicit linkage between leadership, organizational culture and performance are segments of organizational theory, very little concentration has been devoted to understanding the association between the concepts and the effect that such a relationship may have on organizational performance. The deficiency of critical literature exploring the performance repercussion of the links between leadership and organizational culture is highly surprising given the fact that there are plenty of reference regarding the references to the importance of leadership and organizational culture as far as the smooth functioning of an organization is concerned. A brief overview of the history of literature regarding the topic of leadership finds that the researches on leadership and organizational performances can be broadly classified into a number of relevant categories. Early researches on leadership emphasized on identifying the personality traits that characterized successful leaders. According to trait theories successful leaders are born and they have certain instinctive qualities that differentiate them from no leaders. However, the difficulty in classifying and corroborating these attributes led to a pervasive criticism that in turn paved way for the emergence of style and behavioral leadership approaches. Behavioral and style oriented leadership shifted the focus away from the attributes possessed by leaders to the behavior exhibited by them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Impact of Leadership and Motivation on Organizational Culture and Essay.
“Impact of Leadership and Motivation on Organizational Culture and Essay”, n.d.
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