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Performance and Occupation Abstract: Occupation and performance are two sides of the one coin. In the present scenario the occupation has become the most important factor in everyone’s life. There are many people are there who have chosen their occupations but they are not happy at all…
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Perfomance and Occupation
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will focus on the importance of the understanding of the occupation and this paper would also try to find out the proper occupational therapy to improve the performance of the employees. Introduction: To be written…… Value of skills and knowledge in the occupational therapy: To be written…… Professional skills: Personal and Professional Development, is the most important part of any educational course. The academic remarks will fetch good marks in the exams but, in the professional field the personal and professional development is very much important. The proper combination of good academics and the PPD would help a person to achieve a sustainable position in the real life corporate world. For any corporate on-job projects needs a personal and professional development training, because the fresher are not accustomed with the corporate world. And each and every organization has their own scale of professionalism and expectations from the employees. For any graduate the on-job projects are successful while they get confident about their personal and professional development during the projects. Most of the business schools send their students to the on-job training to get accustomed with the corporate world so, while they join the organizations in their final recruitment, they would be polished enough to join as the professionals. For any on-job training there is a learning stage and most of the time this learning stage is an ongoing process. This paper would try to reveal all the positive learning and the personal and professional developments during the training. The main outcomes of the process are written bellow. The meaning of success: It is very important to know the meaning of success. It is very easy to say that a course is very successful but it is very important to understand meaning of success. Erik Weihenmayer treated as one of the most successful man to reach his dream. He climbed the Mount Everest being the first blind men to reach the peak of the Everest (Throop and Castellucci, 2003). Now it is very important to understand why he is been treated as one of the most successful man, well, reaching the personal goal with the help of professional experience can be treated as the success. He was a blinded at the age of 13 and started climbing from the age of 16. With hard work and touch of professionalism he reached his goal and that is the reason he was successful. Same way in this case the meaning of success has been found with the proper blend of self belief, potentiality and values. Self belief: the confidence is a very important factor for any job to be done successfully. Nobody is perfect at the beginning; he or she has to nourish him or herself to gain the confidence. And with the mistakes the perfection will come, and that will make the person more confident. Potentiality: trainings are basically to improve the potentials of the individuals. Potentiality is a hidden strength and with the proper training it can be strengthened. The trainings and on-job projects help the individuals to learn from the others and it also teaches to understand the potentiality of the others. Values: personal values, professional values, ethical values and the ability to respect the values of the fellow employees are very much important. The particular course taught to respect what other thinks, how they feel and how an individual should act toward the values of the others. Organizational changes towards the better ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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