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Occupational therapy - Research Paper Example

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Occupational therapy, which is also known as OT, is a form of holistic health care job which aims at promoting health by enabling the individuals, particularly the sick patients, to perform meaningful as well as purposeful activities all throughout their lives…
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Occupational therapy
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Download file to see previous pages Stroke is a cerebravascular disorder that affects the central nervous system. The stroke victims need care not only in their physical activities but they are also bound in their psychological requirements. It is here that the occupational therapist can help the victim. Stroke Definition and Features Stroke is a disease which is preventable. Stroke is defined, as per the World Health Organization, to be a clinical syndrome consisting of “rapidly developing clinical signs of focal (at times global) disturbance of cerebral function, lasting for more than 24 hours leading to death with no apparent cause other than that of vascular origin” (Stroke Diagnosis, 2008, p. 6). There are two primary forms of stroke which are ischemic and hemorrhagic ones (Durstine, 2008, p. 248). In an ischemic stroke the blood vessel gets blocked generally by a blood clot that results in a region of the brain to be deprived of oxygen and causing it to stop functioning. Ischemic strokes have resulted in 80% of all the known cases of strokes. A hemorrhagic stroke takes place if a blood vessel, which carries oxygen and other nutrients to the brain, bursts causing blood to spill into the brain. A transient ischaemic attack (TIA) is a form of stroke attack which symptoms and signs get resolved within 24 hours (Stroke Diagnosis, 2008, p. 6). ...
The physical impairments can be in the form of difficulty in standing straight, maintaining balance, co-ordination in their body movements, etc. Similarly, there are cognitive and sensory problems. The patients can lose their memory at any time of the day. These can affect their daily activities such as forgetting things in a place and having difficulty in recollecting it. The difficulty to stand straight makes them very vulnerable as they need constant support here. Problems arise in their communications too. The patients might not be able to convey their needs clearly because of speech impairments. Cognitive impairments can be in the form where the patient loses the sense of worth (Brooks, 2000). These factors can affect the occupational performances of the persons such as moving from one place to another, picking up things, bending down or forwards, raising hands and many other functions. The sensory and the cognitive impairments can make the victims become impatient and irritable. They might lose their patience on slight occasions and may even become stubborn sometimes. The patients may start feeling depressed and low because of their cognitive effects which can prompt the patient to become more reclusive in nature. These can affect their occupational performances as they lose their acceptability with other people because of the symptoms. Model and Frame of References That Can Be Used by OT Occupational therapists practice different theoretical frameworks for framing their practice. A few of them are: Models Person Environment Occupation Performance Model (PEOP) – This model highlights the complexities observed in the person-occupation-environment. It is important as it implies the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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