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The paper "Occupational Therapy in Diabetic Care" focuses on the functions of the therapist and the aspects of nursing practice. The author of the paper discusses the various characteristics of professionalism; three of these are described in detail: approachability, trustworthiness, respectfulness…
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Occupational Therapy in Diabetic Care
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Download file to see previous pages The risk involved in the coding strategy is on wrong medications or wrong coding of medications. In order to prevent any mistakes in the type, frequency, or dose of medications, the coding has to be checked regularly by health professionals (Schmier, et.al., 2009). In fact, it is recommended that the coding be carried out by the nurse on a weekly basis, ensuring that each medicine taken is correct. Regular exercise can also help. However, exercise has to be monitored by a health professional in order to prevent any injuries. In order to promote functioning for this patient, I would recommend magnifying lenses in order to allow regular reading and writing activities to be carried out by the client (Hume, et.al., 2012). Eyeglasses with special lenses which serve to enlarge the letters and allow reading and writing can also be fitted to the patient. Magnifying lenses can also assist in the management of the disease allowing the patient to self-administer his insulin and to take appropriate doses for his medications. Coding objects can also assist in improving the functionality of patients.
Another health professional working with this patient is the occupational therapist. The function of this therapist is to assist and guide the patient in his regular functions (Hwang, et.al., 2009). Since the patient is suffering from visual impairment, the occupational therapist can teach the patient how to move about in his house without tripping or without falling. He is also teaching the patient how to fix his clothes in his closet in order to make it easier for him to choose the appropriate clothes to wear on a daily basis (Hwang, et.al., 2009). The therapist also teaches him how to read and sign important documents. Safety precautions in the patient’s home would also be recommended by the occupational therapist. This therapist can also teach the patient how to stay socially connected with friends despite his functional limitations. This therapist is targeting the patient’s functionality in relation to his daily activities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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