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Explanation of Roper et al's activity of living using a patient that was admitted to the hospital ward with fall secondary to excessive alcohol intake Introduction During times of illness and disability, a person’s ability to carry out his daily activities can be compromised…
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Explanation of Roper et als Activity of Living
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Download file to see previous pages Other underpinning theories including dignity, consent, and privacy shall also be discussed in this paper as they relate to better and effective nursing care. Although not all of Roper’s activities of daily living apply to this case, they shall nevertheless be included for discussion purposes. This paper is being carried out in order to establish a clearer picture and understanding of Roper’s activities of daily living and the impact of disease, disability, and infirmities on such activities. Body The patient is a 55-year old Afro-Caribbean male who was admitted to the hospital after suffering a fall secondary to excessive alcohol intake. He also has Type 2 diabetes as his other co-morbid condition based on his previous medical history. He lives alone after his wife divorced him two and a half years ago. He is also unemployed because he lost his driving license three years ago and has since sought solace in alcohol which he initially thought he could control. Roper’s Activities of daily living 1. Maintaining a safe environment Maintaining a safe environment is crucial for this patient. Patients who have experienced falls are likely to fall again because of any injuries they may have suffered and any immobility which their fall might have caused (Lord, et.al., 2007). Maintaining a safe environment includes safety precautions which can be made on the home and in the patient’s hospital room. Guard rails on the bed have to be put up, especially in instances where the patient’s mental awareness is low (Miller, 2008). Since the patient is suffering from excessive alcohol intake, the guard rails need to be put up in order to prevent any repeat falls. Maintaining a safe environment also requires the nurses taking on leadership roles in order to maintain and monitor standards which can secure the cleanliness and effective infection control measures (Smith, n.d). The care administered to the patient therefore includes various remedies including infection control as well as monitoring of patient progress. Maintaining a safe environment for the patient also includes the process of ensuring that the nurses have the sufficient skills and training to care for the patient and administer to his needs (Smith, n.d). Such safe environment also includes working in partnership with health professionals in order to deliver adequate patient care (Smith, n.d). Ensuring a safe environment also includes the process of effective communication with the patient, gaining their consent before interventions are carried out (Department of Health, 2010). Maintaining a safe environment for the patient also involves patient education, teaching the patient about the dangers of alcoholism and any further injuries he may suffer due to his intoxication. It is also important to educate the patient about his disease and the risks he is taking with his alcohol intake (Gonzalez, et.al., 2005). Any injuries he may suffer would also likely take a long period of time to heal because of his diabetes. Maintaining his privacy at all times is also part of the safe environment created for the patient, ensuring that he can trust the nurse and his dignity can be respected at all times (Department of Health, 2010). 2. Communication Since the patient is still in the throes of his alcoholic stupor, there is a communication barrier between the nurse and the patient. When he was sober, there were no apparent communication bar ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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