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Organization Change - Essay Example

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The paper "Organization Change " describes that a vital recommendation at times of organization change is employee involvement. The most important asset for an enterprise is its employees. It is fundamental to inform all employees of impending organizational changes…
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Organization Change
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Extract of sample "Organization Change"

Group Case Study Project
Organizational change exists when a company makes a shift from its present to a desired future state. Management of change in an organization therefore involves intense planning and implementation of the change in a way that minimizes resistance from employees and cost while maximizing the effectiveness of the change effort. Oticon was well-established Danish company, which concentrated more on manufacturing hearing aids for its clients. However, despite high ranking over a long period, the company started experiencing losses and drop in sales (Nadler & Nadler, 1998). In saving the company, the new CEO Lars Kolind embarked on a mission to cut the cost to enhance reduction of expenses.
Change Effort Using Nadler's Integrated Change Agenda
With reference to Nadler’s integrated change agenda, Lars dedicated on changing the values of the company (Nadler & Nadler, 1998). Oticon initially concentrated on manufacturing high quality expensive products. As competition intensified, the sale of hearing aid products from Oticon began to drop because of the availability of lower cost products. Lars attempts were to change this perspective and ensure that Oticon products become the product of choice. Lars wanted to alter the values of the company and to shift focus on action and dialogue. Primarily, the actions were to ensure that Oticon remains creative, innovative and flexible (Nadler & Nadler, 1998). The dialogue was to involve all the employees to have fresh thinking on any latest idea that would apply to enhance Oticon’s competitive edge and profitability.
Team Recommendation
A vital recommendation at times of organization change is employee involvement. The most important asset for an enterprise is its employees. It is fundamental to inform all employees of impending organizational changes. An evident explanation of every change is imperative. Informed employees will be more receptive to change, however, an employee who has no information about the change will resist it even if the change has a positive effect.
Nadler, D. A., & Nadler, M. B. (1998). Champions of Change: How CEOs and Their Companies Are Mastering the Skills of Radical Change. San Francisco: Jossy Bass. Read More
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Organization Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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