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Best Practices in Leadership Development and Organization Change - Essay Example

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The essay "Best Practices in Leadership Development and Organization Change" states that Regulations and standards are important components in an organization because it helps to direct the actions and decisions by its stakeholders. In addition, regulations help in ensuring…
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Best Practices in Leadership Development and Organization Change
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Extract of sample "Best Practices in Leadership Development and Organization Change"

A responsible team of management should always involve shareholders in all stages of important decision making.
Organizational management must be extra careful while making vital decisions on behalf of the stakeholders more so on matters of new technology otherwise the project may not succeed. It is important to note that there is a growing demand for information technology in contemporary society making investment inevitable. All the stakeholders ought to be informed on the need for investing in any particular IT project. This calls for a rigorous business case justifying the need for the new venture. This involves ways of accessing costs and expected returns.
The pole town Case
General Motors Company had been faced with a net loss in 1980 due to stiff competition from foreign companies. This necessitated them to spend $40 billion in a program that would see it regain its position in the market through the implementation of new technology that would see the company manufacture fuel-efficient vehicles as demanded by the market. Most stakeholders who consisted of managers, investors, and the local community had varying feelings about the idea and the management decided to overlook them which eventually landed the company in huge spending. The genesis of this problem was on the failure of the management to involve all the stakeholders in decision making. Read More
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Best Practices in Leadership Development and Organization Change Essay.
“Best Practices in Leadership Development and Organization Change Essay”, n.d.
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