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: A review of the Hiring Function Recruitment and Selected topic - Research Paper Example

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McEntire and Tiffany M. Greene-Shortridge. The study deals with identifying the best practices and strategies that can be used for…
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Research Paper: A review of the Hiring Function Recruitment and Selected topic
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Extract of sample ": A review of the Hiring Function Recruitment and Selected topic"

Download file to see previous pages environment has made it extremely necessary for the human resource development professionals to devise suitable strategies for innovative leader recruitment and selection and succession planning.
The concepts and rationale used in this research paper can be applied practically to Gome Electrical Appliances Holding limited. This company is a large private electrical appliance retailing business in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Like other companies across the globe, it is important to develop the human resource practices in Gome to make it more competitive with the other electrical companies operating in this domain. There is an established human resource development team in Gome. But the human resource development practices of Gome are not highly developed. Also, the company is lacking in terms of innovation. Being a player in the electronic industry, it is critical for Gome to ensure continuous development and management of innovational practices.
The main problem that the research paper deals with is the task of the human resource professionals to recruit and select the innovative leaders for an organization. The difficulties faced by organizations to select and retain organizational leaders in the company make this a complex task of the human resource professionals. Therefore, the human resource professionals need to formulate special strategies to perform this task efficiently. The best approaches to select and recruit innovative leaders in an organization are discussed in this research paper. This paper is extremely relevant to the human resource development professionals who work towards mid to high level of innovative leader selection and recruitment.
Gome is also facing the need to recruit and retain innovative leaders in order to remain competitive in the continuously evolving global business environment. Thus, the human resource development department should take prominent steps to address the issue of recruiting suitable talents for innovative ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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