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Why Is Assigning the Right Person for Each Job Description So Important - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Why Is Assigning the Right Person for Each Job Description So Important?" explores the programs helping HRs to hire and motivate the most qualified staff to contribute to the success of an organization in terms of improving the сustomer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness of the company.
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Why Is Assigning the Right Person for Each Job Description So Important
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Extract of sample "Why Is Assigning the Right Person for Each Job Description So Important"

Download file to see previous pages Upon conducting a quantitative and qualitative survey analysis to a total of 8 NatWest current employees, the research findings revealed that employees are very much satisfied with NatWest’s training and development programme including its motivational strategies and reward system. However, there is a need for NatWest HR manager to consider the importance of job analysis to increase the company’s ability to hire the right person to perform a specific role and responsibility within the financial institution. A member of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group – the Group, the National Westminster Bank is also known as “NatWest” was established back in 1968 when the National Provincial Bank and Westminster Bank decided to enter a merger contract (NatWest, 2009a). Since then, NatWest managed to establish 3,600 branches that provide the people with a wide range of personal, business, and commercial banking services such as the use of debit and credit cards, telephone banking, home, car, and commercial loans, corporate bonds, Wealth management services, and the touch-screen share dealings which assists the UK government’s privatization programme among others. The application of effective recruitment process, training programmes, motivational strategies, and rewarding of staff are among the key issues that need to be addressed to enable NatWest’s HR manager to keep employees satisfied with their current job. In line with this, a quantitative and qualitative research survey will be conducted to examine NatWest’s employees’ perception with regards to the company’s recruitment process, training programmes, motivational strategies and reward system. Based on the research findings, difficulties and challenges NatWest is facing will be identified. Research Aim
Considering the global crisis, financial institutions around the world are facing tight competition in terms of being able to capture a bigger market share as compared to other financial institutions. In line with this, the HR manager of NatWest plays a crucial role in terms of keeping their employees satisfied with their current job. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Why Is Assigning the Right Person for Each Job Description So Importan Research Paper)
Why Is Assigning the Right Person for Each Job Description So Importan Research Paper.
“Why Is Assigning the Right Person for Each Job Description So Importan Research Paper”, n.d.
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