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Recruitment Strategy and Job Offer Process - Research Paper Example

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Recruitment Strategy and Job Offer Background Different organizations operating in diverse industries such as education, business, as well as engineering industries, make use of different procedures for conducting the activity of recruitment…
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Recruitment Strategy and Job Offer Process Paper
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will even provide insight regarding the best strategy of recruitment that organizations can use in order to attract the most desired applicants associated with their industry and, lastly, the paper will provide insight regarding how organizations proceed to offer a job to a selected applicant. Diverse Recruitment Strategies The term recruitment is used to refer to the process of attracting pool of desired applicants in order to fulfill the current vacant positions in a particular organization and even to maintain a pool of applicants for future vacancies. An organization has various recruitment strategies to choose from; organizations can opt between open as well as targeted recruitment strategies. Open recruitment strategies are used by organizations when they are looking to fill in quite a few numbers of different positions and even when these positions require different kinds of employees from various backgrounds. For example, a school looking to hire teachers, sports staff and supervisors for the school may use open recruitment strategy as the positions that need to be filled require people with different KSAs (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities). Open recruitment strategies are even used by organizations when they are hiring employees for entry level positions and when specific individuals with specific KSAs are not desired. While hiring for entry level and trainee level positions, employees are less judged on their KSAs and decisions of hiring are mostly made on the basis of their communication skills and basic computing skills. For example, when a business is looking to fill management trainee positions in the organization, they use open recruitment strategy in order to attract individuals from different disciplines including marketing, human resources, accounting, etc. They do so because those individuals who are selected for these positions are provided exposure of all departments before they are finally selected in one of the departments. Another recruitment strategy used by organizations is targeted recruitment strategy. This strategy is utilized by organizations when they have specific requirements to meet for a particular vacant position (Hurd, Barcelona, & Meldrum 2008, p.243). These requirements include individuals having specific skills, educational background and level of experience. This strategy is even implemented when organizations adopt positive actions. A positive action refers to a company’s strategy of targeting specific people from a specific group which is regarded as a minority. For instance, while conducting recruitment activity for an electrical engineer, a company will post add for the position while attracting applicants who have expertise in technical equipment, who have knowledge of application and operation of different equipments of science and technology. Selecting Recruitment Strategy While deciding about which recruitment strategy to deploy, an organization has to take into consideration the requirements of the vacant position(s) that need to be filled. If an organization is conducting recruitment while trying to attract employees with specific KSAs, they should opt for targeted recruitment strategy. Organizations have become quite selective while deploying recruitment strategies due to the negative economic circumstances. For example, a business is dealing in accountancy and a firm that provides auditing services may look ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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