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Recruitment and Selection Strategy in Alqased Elevator Company - Research Paper Example

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From the paper "Recruitment and Selection Strategy in Alqased Elevator Company" it is clear that the way of attracting applicants from the sales field will be through associations meetings that are held every six months to reciprocation the ideas and problems solving in various parts of the country…
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Recruitment and Selection Strategy in Alqased Elevator Company
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Extract of sample "Recruitment and Selection Strategy in Alqased Elevator Company"

Download file to see previous pages The difficulty in the sales manager position is that it is hard to find a person who has KSA because the candidates with the required qualification are not enough to aid the whole elevator industry. Alqased Elevator Company is located in Saudi Arabia. There are no much people who meet all the requirements set by the company according to the business needs. Therefore, the company will follow deference recruitment and selection strategy which attract applicants from in and outside the country. This essay will present the recruitment and selection strategy for Elevators Company for the post of a sales manager who should have some specific qualifications which approach to the company's requirement.
Recruitment is the method of recognizing and catching the attention of potential applicants from inside and outside an association to start reviewing them for approaching occupations. Once candidates are acknowledged, an association can move on to the selection procedure. This comprises gathering, computing, and evaluating records about applicants' education for a particular work. The company applies these methods to enhance the probability of appointing individuals who hold the right expertise and talents to be doing well at their employment.
In order to avoid the risk of employing wrong people for a specific task, there is a need to choose a stronger and more effective recruitment strategy (Porter & Fletcher, 1978).
Successful scheduling is the key to success in all fields of life. Planning the recruitment process help to make certain a positive effect with the advantages being:
- Supporting to make sure the best sales manager is enlisted for the post.
- Taking into consideration the requirements of the corporation.
- The resourceful exercise of the time of selection board members.
- Escalating the victory of catching the attention of right applicants
In addition, Recruitment processes affect the company image as an employer and, sequentially, its skill to catch the attention of trained sales manager (Bechet & Walker, 1993).
Recruitment planning puts forwards the concepts which are in favor of the applicants. The recruitment strategy should reveal the benefits of connecting to the firm before the potential applicant. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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