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Leadership in Public Organizations - Essay Example

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The essay "Leadership in Public Organizations" states that Parizad has probably implemented various development projects in the city that have helped to solve issues of the people. She might have utilized city resources effectively by minimizing wastage of resources and eliminating expenditure. …
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Leadership in Public Organizations
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Extract of sample "Leadership in Public Organizations"

The paper shows that the person has united the people and influenced them to work towards building the city. This can be attained through effective communication skills and influence skills that enable leaders to share peoples’ needs, organizational goals and strategies to achieve those goals (Wart, 2012).
Personal/Professional Factors
Cognitive ability and analytical skills are vital in leadership. Cognitive ability enables leaders such as Atashin to identify various sources of managerial information, manage city resources, and develop strategies for solving conflicts and delegate tasks to subordinate members for effective implementation (Wart, 2012). She has strong analytical skills that have led her to build a well-organized team of workers responsible for initiating development projects in the city.
The lesson to take home
I would learn from Atashin how to interact with people, listen and share their needs, implement changes and influence the followers to accept changes.
2. Self-interest question
How can a leader know whether they are serving the interest of the people or self-interest in a situation where the people’s needs are conflicting? Read More
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(Leadership in Public Organizations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 285 Words)
Leadership in Public Organizations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 285 Words.
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