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Executive Leadership in Public Organizations - Assignment Example

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This paper "Executive Leadership in Public Organizations" focuses on the sunroof community that has a populace with diverse knowledge and culture from whom a fresh cadre of leaders can be obtained to replace the former group since the community is unwilling to obtain leaders from the outside community. …
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Executive Leadership in Public Organizations
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Extract of sample "Executive Leadership in Public Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages The Sunroof community performance will be determined by multiple experiences of leaders, and the outcome reflected at individual and community level (Wart, 2012). In order to achieve better performance, the community should build the capacity of new leaders by provides sufficient information through utilization of wisdom of the older generation (Cleveland, 1985). The community should inspire the new generation of leaders by building their capacity and matching individual goals with community goals so that individual leader’s achievement can translate to community advancement. The leadership performance can be determined by the community standards (Wart, 2012). Therefore, Sunroof community should utilize the leadership programs to impart the new generation of leaders with the relevant knowledge and use those programs as a benchmark for measuring performance standards in all community aspects such as social, cultural and economic aspects (Cleveland, 1985). In order to surpass the previous leadership performance, the community should make a review of the leadership programs and modify the components that did not work according to the community expectations. The community should involve a diversified team of leaders who can identify and solve various issues affecting the community (Wart, 2012).
The aim of the community is to train a new class of leaders that will take place of the former group and maintain the status quo of the Sunroof City as a community model for advancing science, innovation, culture and knowledge. As a diversified community and a role model in performance, the community should ensure they obtain leaders from various cultural and intellectual backgrounds to promote a unity of the community and retain creativity. The community should ensure they obtain new leaders from all cultural and intellectual background in order to achieve the organizational goals (Cleveland, 1985).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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